Out of the Void - Evil Unleashed

We are excited to announce the arrival of, Evil Unleashed, our new full length studio album which was released Monday May 20, 2019 by Screaming Earth Studios.  This album contains 8 new tracks with a total running time of just over 41 minutes.  We hope you enjoy our own unique brand of Canadian Heavy Metal.  

Evil Unleashed will soon be available digitally on this site and all streaming formats.  If you are interested in having something tangible in your hand we have a limited first press print run of 500 black vinyl as well as CD’s for sale.  These will be available though the band website or select partners.

This is our second full length album and we all feel it was a year of great learning for us.  Jake Michael Nicholson was back again to create some killer art which really brings everything to life.  There was a bit more collaboration on this album and we want to thanks everyone who supported us along the way.  As for genre, who knows, but if you are wondering who our influences are, think 70’s “Prog Rock”, early 80’s “NWOBHM” and early “Bay Area Thrash”.  Lets create a new genre called NWOCHM, New Wave of Canadian Heavy Metal….maybe we can start a trend!

Each song on the album tells a different story spanning ideas like…. cult psyche, warfare, faith and mortality, gun violence, good vs evil, drugs, raw emotion and technology addiction. I you are looking for a pop song about love or your girlfriend this is not for you. In our own metal counter culture we are exploring real topics we hope you can enjoy in a thoughtful way. Until next time PEACE!

Side A:
A1: Anthem of Doom [5:02]
A2: Merciless Trench [4:50]
A3: Head Held High [5:22]
A4: Evil Unleashed [7:00]
Side B:
B1: Enter the Grave [6:41]
B2: Nothing Left To Give [4:02]
B3: This Night’s Alight [3:38]
B4: Zombie, Tech Zombie [4:44]

As a teaser! Album 3 is currently in production!

Out of the Void

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